AIBF Business Talk

Episode 8: Vicki McGowan - Start-up advice for small business success

September 30, 2021

REVA is an Irish company that effectively supports pre-start-ups and early-stage growth micro & small businesses to succeed.

Vicki McGowan founded the successful business in 2015 having built up more than 25 years of experience working for semi-state bodies, corporates and micro-businesses. 

Seeing an opportunity to share her market knowledge and expertise with early stage entrepreneurs, she now helps individuals gain confidence and clarity around setting up and successfully running their own businesses. 

In this episode of AIBF Business Talk, Vicki spoke to Elaine about her fascinating journey and offered some invaluable advice to small, micro and startup businesses that want to succeed. 

Vicki McGowan has been recognised by the All-Ireland Business Foundation as an All-Star Master Practitioner in Solo Entrepreneur Startup Support. 

She joins a prestigious group of individuals who are accredited thought leaders in their fields of work by the AIBF.

Vicki is a trusted source of expertise who moves and inspires people with innovative ideas. Most importantly she turns those ideas into reality and knows and shows how to replicate her success.

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